I am responsible for courses and lectures in visual communication and image communication at most universities in Sweden.

Advertising and design school students are also among my listeners. It can be a single lecture or a workshop for copywriters and art directors but also very often courses for a couple of weeks.

In Moss, Norway I lectured in visual communication for the students at the American University. And in Porto, Portugal I held a lecture at the ESAD University.

My circle of contacts regarding photographers is wide as I have educated more than a hundred of them in the purpose, context and effect of photography.

This is an urgent issue as the photographers’ position is pressed back in the same speed as the amateurs raise their hands with a mobile.  

At Berghs Photography in Stockholm I am deeply involved in the course Image Communication. It is an exiting task that opens up the possibility to work across disciplinary boundaries. And you can sense the extra energy that lifts the school with the appointment as the world’s best advertising school.

Companies also need knowledge in visual communication. Informers at information sectors have to progress in text and image work and co-workers at marketing- and advertising sections have to learn how to reach their customers with tempting campaigns for the company’s products.

I think it is my task to increase the communicative competence and I dare say I have made a good job.

If you would like to discus or use my competence, you are welcome to call or send me an e-mail.

Bo Bergström