The quotation above is flattering, still I believe that I have contributed to make many informers, journalists, photographers, advertising managers, art directors, copywriters and graphic designers more skilled in communicating with text and image. This is what I have been working with for most of my time.

But let’s start from the beginning. My BA in the history of art, along with degrees in literature taught me how to look at art and photographs but also to understand how to make analysis of visual messages. In this degree from the University of Stockholm I also studied pedagogic which helps and inspires me every day. I also have a degree from the Graphic Institute, where they filled me with knowledge in marketing, communication theory and graphic design.

As a creative director I have many years of practise from some of the best advertising agencies in Stockholm.

After ten books I can call myself an author. My editor and wife Lena and I plan for new editions and books all the time.

On my business-card you can also find  the title educator. I teach in visual communication at design and advertising schools and universities, conduct workshops and lead seminars for companies.

And I teach at many schools for Photographers throughout the country. The students then provide photos for news supply and advertising.

To my delight I have also been teaching abroad in Porto, Copenhagen, Oslo and Riga to mention some of the places.

If you go further into the site you will find more information.

So how do I get all these things moving? Well, I need some help. My wife Lena, my skilled companion, my keen sounding board, my worst critic, my most devoted supporter is as deeply involved in the projects as I am.


Bo Bergström